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Staff Id : 04421
Name : Dr. S. VIJAYA
Qualification : M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Date of Birth : 17-03-1968
Date of Joining : 13-12-1999
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196, Muthiah Nagar,
IV th East Cross,
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 203
Ph.D. 24

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List of Publications - National
S.Vijaya. Nirmala P.Ratchagar and R.Sathiyamoorthy., "On the Estimation of expected time to Seroconversion with Correlated Contribution to Antigenic diversity.", Journal of Indian Academy of Mathematics, Volume 29, Number 1, Feb 2007, pp. 171-179. 2007.
List of Publications - International
S.Vijaya,G.M.Vijaya Lakshmi and R.Gunesekaran, "Bifurcation and stability analysis in Dynamics of Prey-predator models with Holling type IVfunctional response and Intra-specific competition..", International journal of Engineering and Science., Volume 4, Number 1, Jan 2014, pp. 52-61. 2014.
S.Vijaya,V.Madusudanan and Gunesekaran, "Diseased prey with Harvesting predator in Prey-Predator system.", JOSR journal of Mathematics, Volume 9, Number 6, Jan 2014, pp. 114-118. 2014.
S.Vijaya,V.Madusudanan and Gunesekaran, "Complex effects in Discrete time Prey-predator models with Harvesting on prey.", International journal of Engineering and Science., Volume 2, Number 3, Jan 2014, pp. 1-5. 2014.
S.Vijaya,V.Madusudanan and Gunesekaran, "Impact of Harvesting in three species food web model with two distinct functinal responses..", International journal of innovative research and science, Volume 3, Number 2, Feb 2014, pp. 9505-95013. 2014.
S.Vijaya,V.Madusudanan and Gunesekaran, "Dynamics in discrete time prey-predator system with quadratic harvesting on prey. .", International journal of emerging science and engineering., Volume 10, Number 10, Jan 2014, pp. 1-4. 2014.
S.Vijaya,G.M.Vijaya Lakshmi and R.Gunesekaran, "Typical measures on discrete time prey-predator with harvested prey.", International journal of computer Algorithm., Volume 3, Number 3, May 2014, pp. 986-993. 2014.
S.Vijaya,G.M.Vijaya Lakshmi and R.Gunesekaran, "Bifurcation Analysis of Prey-predator model with harvested predator..", International journal of Engineering research and development, Volume 10, Number 10, Jun 2014, pp. 42-51. 2014.
S.Vijaya. , "Stochastic model for expected time to Green House effect.", International journal of Modern Engineering Research., Volume 2, Number 5, Sep 2012, pp. 1-11. 2012.
S.Vijaya, "A Stochastic model with Scbz property in Global warming..", International Organization of scientific research., Volume 1, Number 4, Jul 2012, pp. 37-40. 2012.
S.Vijaya. Nirmala P.Ratchagar and R.Sathiyamoorthy., "A Stochastic model for expected time to seroconversion using order statistics and correlated antigenic diversity in HIV infection..", Ultra scientist of Physical sciences, Volume 21(1)M, Number 1, Dec 2009, pp. 191-198. 2009.
S.Vijaya,R.Sathiyamoorthy and Nirmala P.Ratchagar., "A stochastic model for Estimation of expected time to Seroconversion in HIV infection.", Pure and Applied Mathematika Science., Volume LXVI, Number 1-2, Sep 2007, pp. 1-12. 2007.
List of Conferences - National
S.Vijaya. Nirmala P.Ratchagar and R.Sathiyamoorthy., A Stochastic model for the Estimation of time to seroconversion of HIV infected using order statistics., Second National conference on Mathematical and computational methods, Dec 11-12, 2003, Coimbatore, pp. 37-42. PSG College of Technology., Allied publishers Pvt.Ltd.,.