" To align the tradition of Annamalai University
with the power of relevant Information Technology
in teaching, learning and administration,
adding value to the staff, students and society "

Annamalai Innovation Centre, AIC, of Annamalai University is a hub of activities. The Centre, established in 2013 with an objective to serve as the data repository of the University, has four strategic units under its wings, the Web Designing, the Computer Network, the Biometric and the Computer Service, thus enabling the centre to carry out multi pronged operations with efficacy.

Apart from these Key Result Areas, the other activities undertaken are:

AIC plays a pivotal part in providing technical support in automation of the counselling process for admission into professional courses through in-house developed, time tested software.

  It serves as an advisory for the procurement of systems, servers, printers and other equipment.

Web Design

The Web Designing Unit of AIC is responsible for development, design and maintenance of the University Website. A dedicated team of Web Managers manage, maintain and update the Website which is developed in-house.

Web Workspace



Web Server

Campus Network Centre

The Campus Network Centre caters to the networking across the University. The team ensures seamless connectivity through robust wired and wireless network. The team is responsible for the installation and networking of the CCTV Surveillance cameras to render a secured campus. The unit also takes care of the installation and maintenance of biometric and its software and hardware needs, thus working in tandem with the Biometric Team.

Core Room



Network Servers


The Biometric Unit of the AIC provide holistic support to the biometric attendance system. The operations include obtaining the biometrics of the staff, creating and maintaining the biometric database, printing of smart ID cards and generating reports.

Biometric Machines



Biometric Printer

Computer Service Wing

The Computer Service Wing of the AIC caters to the service demands of the computers on campus. With a fully equipped testing facility, they carry out troubleshooting of the systems on both software and hardware fronts. In addition the unit maintains the servers on the campus.

Computer Service



Service Wing

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