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  • IQ testing camp at Keelkundalapadi Village on 8th March 2008 for 100 school children
  • Anti Tobacco Campaign” at Valampadugai Village on 7th March 2009 for 70 Adults
  • Prevention of smoking, chewing tobacco products and alcohol addiction Athinallur village on 19th March 2010 for 70 Adults
  • IQ testing camp at Agaram Village on 24th March 2011 for 90 school children
  • Assessed IQ and PTSD of school children at Therku Pitchavaram Village on 16th March 2012 for 60 School Children
  • Assessed IQ and psychological wellbeing Madhuranthagallur Village on8th March 2013 for 120 School Children
  • Assessed IQ and PTSD of school children at Erukkur Village on1st March 2014 for 80 School Children

Seminars/ Conference/ Workshop/ Organized
    International Conference
    • Safe Schools: Preventing Bullying and Harassment (CSSR) on 25th March 2014.

    National Conference
    • Modern Perspective in Psychology for healthy life(UGC Conference) on 2nd & 3rd March 2012
    • Psychology for Shaping Society (UGC) 21st & 22nd March 2014.

    • Psycho diagnostics and Psychotherapeutics in UGC Workshop on 28th & 29 Feb. 1st March 2008
    • Current Issues in Practicing Psychology Sponsored by TANSCHE Workshop on 20th & 21th October 2008
    • Identification & Management of Childhood disorders in UGC Workshop on23th & 24th Feb. 2009
    • Neuro Psychological Assessment & Rehabilitation in UGC Workshop on 12th & 13th Feb. 2010
    • Counselling Skills in UGC Workshop on 24th&25th Feb. 2011.

    • Na “Psychology – Global Issues and Management Strategies” (UGC Seminar)on 15th & 16th February 2013.