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Value Added Courses (VAC) for the odd semester of 2022-23

|  In response to requests from students, the online registration for VAC is extended till 17-8-2022 (Wednesday).   |
I Guidelines
II Course List
III Instructions to Students - Online Registration
  • A student can register for only one VAC in a semester and only one online VAC Registration form can be submitted by each student.
  • Choose the Department offering the VAC and the VAC course title only from the VAC listed in this web page.
  • Fill the online registration form given in this link : https://forms.gle/q59k7JjcvEfSuhTg7 
  • A copy of the online VAC registration form will be sent to your email id. Take a print copy of it, sign and then get signature of HoD and Dean of Faculty and submit to VAC course teacher on first day of VAC class.
  • VAC online Registration starts on: 28-07-2022 (Thursday) and ends on: 01-08-2022 (Monday) VAC online registration extended upto 17-08-2022(wednesday)
  • VAC class starts on : 06-08-2022 (Saturday Afternoon)
IV Department VAC Co-ordinators
List of Value Added Courses (VAC) offered during the Odd Semester of 2022-23 (56 Courses)
1. English 1. AENGVAC01 Speaking and Writing English Effectively - A Practical
2. 2. AENGVAC02 English for Effective Communication
3. History 3. AHISVAC01 General Studies for Civil Services and Other Competitive
4. 4. AHISVAC02 History for Competitive Examinations
5. Political Science 5. APOLVAC03 Environmental Policy and Administration
6. 6. APOLVAC05 Laws and Instituioins of Human Rights in India
7. Sociology and social work 7. ASOCVAC01 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
8. 8. ASOCVAC04 Sociology of Disaster Management
9. Commerce 9. ACOMVAC07 Digital Banking
10. Population Studies 10. APOPVAC02 Indian Demography
11. Business Administration 11. ABUSVAC01 Small Business Management
12. 12. ABUSVAC02 Introduction to Business Analytics
13. 13. ABUSVAC03 E-Governance and Cyber Law
14. 14. ABUSVAC04 Machine Learning
15. 15. ABUSVAC05 Block Chain Technology
16. 16. ABUSVAC06 Sustainable Development
17. Library & Information Science 17. ALISVAC02 Technical Writing
18. Philosophy 18. APHIVAC01 Research Ethics
19. Centre for Rural Development 19. ARURVAC01 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods And Adaptations To Climate Change
20. 20. ARURVAC03 Community Engagement and Social Responsibility in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
21. Physics21. SPHYVAC01 Maintenance of Minor Equipment’s (Entry Level)
22. Zoology22. SZOOVAC02 Vermitechnology
23. Earth Sciences23. SEARVAC01 Water Resource Management
24. Biochemistry and Biotechnology24. SBIOVAC02 Applied Biotechnology
25. Computer & Information Science25. SCISVAC01 Web Development
26. 26. SCISVAC02 Fundamentals of Computing
27. 27. SCISVAC03 Advanced Web Development
28. 28. SCISVAC04 Internet and its Applications
29. Marine Biology29. CMABVAC01 Seafood Processing Technology
30. Tamil Studies & Research30. LTAMVAC02 தமிழக கோயிற்கலைகள்
31. Hindi31. LHINVAC01 Spoken and Written Hindi
32. 32. LHINVAC03 Communicative Hindi
33. Centre for Advanced Study in Linguistics 33. LLINVAC01 Intercultural Communication
34. 34. LLINVAC04 Introduction to Translation Studies
35. Mechanical Engineering 35. EMECVAC01 Renewable Energy and IOT
36. 36. EMECVAC03 Fundamentals of Electric Vehicles
37. Manufacturing Engineering37. EMANVAC02 Business Analytics
38. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering38. EEIEVAC04 Data Analysis, Visualization And Scientific Computation With Matlab
39. Chemical Engineering 39. ECHEVAC02 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & First Aid
40. Computer Science and Engineering40. ECSEVAC01 Machine Learning With Python
41. 41. ECSEVAC03 Data Analytics With R
42. Electronics and Communication Engineering42. EECEVAC02 Antenna Design Using HFSS
43. Information Technology43. EINTVAC03 Big Data Technologies
44. Education 44. UEDUVAC01 Modern Pedagogical Techniques
45. 45. UEDUVAC05 Cyber Crime Education
46. Psychology46. UPSYVAC01 Health and Well-Being
47. 47. UPSYVAC02 Counselling Skills
48. Centre for Yoga Studies48. UCYSVAC01 Crises and Disaster Management
49. 49. UCYSVAC02 Health and Life Style Management through Yoga
50. Music50. FMUSVAC01 Devotional Songs
51. 51. FMUSVAC06 Introduction to South Indian Music - VOCAL
52. Agronomy52. GAGRVAC01 Organic Resources for Sustainable Agriculture
53. Entomology53. GENTVAC01 Commercial Beekeeping
54. Microbiology54. GMICVAC01 Microbial Inoculant Production Technology
55. Genetics & Plant Breeding55. GGPBVAC01 GGPBVAC01 Commercial Seed Production
56. Horticulture56. GHORVAC02 Designing of Landscape Gardens