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Staff Id : 02896
Designation : PROFESSOR & HEAD
Qualification : M.D.
Specialization : obstetrics and gynaecology
Date of Birth : 27-02-1964
Date of Joining : 18-01-1993
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CHIDAMBARAM - 608 002,
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. --
Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - National
P.Narmada, P.Viswanathan, RehanaTippoo, U.Mohan,lavanya kumari., "Endometriosis with lymphatic spread .", journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences, Volume 3, Number 54, Oct 2014, pp. 12499-12503. 2014.
Kiran KV, Guru.PB., Srinivasa RK, Manavalan R, Manna PK, Mohanta GP, Lavanya KK, "Study of effect of intravenous iron sucrose in the treatment of puerperal anemia..", indian journal of pharmacy, Volume 3, Number 4, Dec 2010, pp. 14-17. 2010.
Mishra S, Kumari KL, "A Comparative study of scar from zigzag incisions with those from linear incisions made along skin lines during routine surgery.", plastic reconstruction surgery, Volume 126, Number 4, Oct 2010, pp. 218-219. 2010.
suresh k jariwala, Lavanya kumari, "A missed diagnosis of abdominal pregnancy.", Obstet. & Gynae today, Volume XIV, Number 10, Oct 2009, pp. 410-411. 2009.
Dr.S.K.Jariwala,Dr.K.Lavanyakumari,et al, "Androgen reasistance syndrome with seminoma.", Jounal of Association of Surgeons of India , Volume 60, Number 4, Jan 1998, pp. 102-107. 1998.
List of Publications - International
Dr. R. Vinodoni and Dr. Lavanya Kumari, "Evaluation of platelet count as a prognostic index in eclampsia and pre eclampsia.", International journal of modern research and reviews, Volume 2, Number 10, Oct 2014, pp. 447-452. 2014.
List of Conferences - National
K.Lavanyakumari, Dr. Sarada Acharya, Maternal serum immunoglobulin levels in normal pregnancy and in pregnancy induced hypertension, 40th Annual conference of AICOG, Dec 25-28, 1996, Pune, pp. 1-5. Pune , AICOG.
List of Conferences - International
Dr. V. Sridevi, S. Viswanathan, Dr. Lavanya Kumari, Prevalence and associated risk factors of anaemia in a tertiary care rural hospital, IMSA conference 2014, Oct 11-12, 2014, Bangkok,Thailand , pp. 1-10. Bangkok, IMSA.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecologic Society of India - 52 THA0250
Breast feeding promotion network of india(BPNI) - L595
Indian Medical Association - TN/2490/7/17/44407/95-96/L