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Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

1. Facilities at the Department
Number of Laboratories: 5
    i) UG Lab
    ii) PG Lab
    iii) Ph.D. Lab
    iv) ICT Lab
    v) Instrumentation Lab
2. Major equipments in the Department:

       The equipments in the department include Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Nitrogen Auto Analyzer with digester, UV – VIS Spectrophotometer with Computer, Ground Truth Radio meter with 4 filter, Pressure Plate Apparatus with accessories, T-27 FTIR Spectrometer System Tensor-27, Socs Plus Refirigerated Water cooling System, Automatic Nitrogen/Protein Estimation System and CN Analyzer.

Soxotherm (FIST)

N Digester (FIST)

UG Lab

PG Lab


Pressure Plate Apparatus