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Staff Id : 05600
Qualification : B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Environmental engineering, Air pollution control technologies, Biomass
Date of Birth : 03-06-1980
Date of Joining : 04-01-2002
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R.No:6, New teacher's hostel
chidambaram - 608002
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 11
Ph.D. 00

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Attended 414-6
Conducted ----1

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List of Publications - International
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Balaji, A, Sundar Raj, C, Karthikeyan, B and Premkumar, R, "Performance And Emission Analysis of Plastic Blended Diesel On C.I. Engine.", International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research & Applications, Volume 1, Number 4, Sep 2013, pp. 78-83. 2013.
Premkumar, R, Devi, S, Krishnamohan, N and Balaji, A, "Wood Chip Based Filter Media For Removal Of Pollutants From Waste Air: Review.", International Journal of ChemTech Research, Volume 5, Number 6, Oct 2013, pp. 2830-2836. 2013.
Premkumar, R and Krishnamohan, N, "Effect of Secondary Parameters on Biofilter treating Industrial Effluent.", International Journal of PharmTech Research, Volume 4, Number 3, Jul 2012, pp. 1279-1287. 2012.
Devi, S and Premkumar, R, "Assessment of Groundwater quality in Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, India.", International Journal of ChemTech Research, Volume 4, Number 1, Mar 2012, pp. 29-34. 2012.
Premkumar, R and Krishnamohan, N, "Pressure Drop Studies in Methanol Biofilter Column.", International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 4, Number 2, Nov 2011, pp. 185-200. 2011.
Premkumar, R and Krishnamohan, N, "Removal of Methanol from Waste Gas Using Biofiltration.", Journal of Applied Sciences Research, Volume 6, Number 11, Oct 2010, pp. 1898-1907. 2010.