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Staff Id : 03099
Qualification : M.Sc(MB),B.Ed.,M.Phil.(MB),Ph.D(MB),PG.Dip.in Yoga,
Specialization : Aquaculture, fisheries science, Environmental science
Date of Birth : 08-01-1962
Date of Joining : 02-07-1993
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31,Siva Nagar,Vandipalyam Road,
Cuddalore - 607 004.
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 212
Ph.D. 154

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List of Publications - National
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List of Publications - International
Balakrishnan.S. P. Santhanam S. Jeyanthi M. Divya M. Srinivasan , "Preliminary Screening of Halophilic Microalgae Collected from Different Salt Pans of Tuticorin, Southeast Coast of India .", Proc Zool. Soc, Volume 125, Number 18, Mar 2018, pp. 26-30. 2018.
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List of Book Published
Ravirajan Mangaiyarkarasi, L.Kannan, M. Srinivasan, Extraction and characterization of lectin from Indian seaweeds, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.: LAP Lambert Academic Publisher, 978-3-8484-4415-1, pp. 1-76. May 2012, https://www.knigozal.com/store/ru/book/extraction-and-characterization-of-lectin-from-indian-seaweed.
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List of Popular Article
M.Srinivasan, M.P. Arulmoorthy & A.C.Rathish, Know about Portonovo, CAS Marine Biology: private circulation, nil, pp. 1-44. Aug 2015, CAS Marine Biology, Annamalai University.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Life member in Indian Asian Fisheries Society, Mangalore - 4567
Life member in Marine Biological Association of India. Cochin - 7865
Life member in Indian Science Academy, Kolkatta. - L12137