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Staff Id : 01427
Designation : PROFESSOR
Qualification : M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : urolithiasis
Date of Birth : 24-07-1961
Date of Joining : 18-01-1988
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Ph.D. 12

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List of Publications - National
Baskaran, K, Santhosh V, Satish R, Krithika M, Inmozhi R, Manoharan S, and Sethupathy S. , "Status of sialic acid in patients with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical carcinoma. .", Journal of Cell and Tissue Research, Volume 10, Number 3, Jul 2010, pp. 2375-2378. 2010.
List of Publications - International
Krishnan Baskaran,Santha karunanithi,Inmozhi Sivakamasundari,N.Junior sundresh,B.Thamarai selvi,S.Swaruparani, "Upregulation of cyclooygenase -2and its correlation with preinvasive and invasive lesions of the uterine cervix.", Biomedicine,, Volume 1, Number 34, Apr 2014, pp. 100-103. 2014.
Krishnan Baskaran,Santha karunanithi,Inmozhi Sivakamasundari,N.Junior sundresh,B.Thamarai selvi,S.Swaruparani, "Over expression of P53 and its role as a early biomarker in carcinoma of cervix.", IJRPS, Volume 4, Number 2, Jul 2013, pp. 198-202. 2013.
Rekha KR,SelvakumarGP,Sethupathy S, Santha K, Ramu Inmozhi sivakamasundari, "Geraniol ameliorates the motor behaviorand neurotropic factors inadequacy in MPTP -Induced mice model of Parkinsons disease.", J MolNeuroscience , Volume 3, Number 51, Aug 2013, pp. 851-862. 2013.
Karamkolly R. Rekhaa, Govindasamy P. Selvakumarb, Karunanithi Santhaa, Ramu Inmozhi Sivakamasundari, "Geraniol attenuates α-synuclein expression and neuromuscular impairment through increase dopamine content in MPTP intoxicated mice by dose dependent manner.", Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Volume 440, Number 4, Nov 2013, pp. 664-670. 2013.
Santha., S. Sethupathy, M. Adaikappan,N. Ramalingam, R. Inmozhi., G. Radhika, K.Baskar, "Effect Of Taurine On Carotid Intima Media Thickness In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.", IJABPT, Volume 2, Number 1, Mar 2011, pp. 464-469. 2011.
S.Kandaswamy,R.Inmozhisivakamasundari,A.Bupaty,S.Setupathy,and V.Gopal, "Evaluation of Insulin resistance and oxidative stress in obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome .", IJABPT, Volume 1, Number 2, Feb 2010, pp. 391-398. 2010.
S.Kandaswamy,R.Inmozhisivakamasundari,A.Bupaty,S.Setupathy,andV.Gopal , "Evaluation of endocrine parameters and glucose tolerance status in obese subjects with polycystic ovary syndrome..", IJABPT, Volume 1, Number 2, Apr 2010, pp. 709-716. 2010.
List of Conferences - National
R.INMOZHI SIVAKAMASUNDARI, Renoprotective effect of tribulus terrestrisextract in ehylene glycol induced rats, Indian Science Congress association, Jan 3-7, 2007, Annamalai University, pp. 73-75. Annamalainagar, Annamalai university.
List of Conferences - International
R.INMOZHI SIVAKAMASUNDARI, Negative Correlation of Common Carotid Artery Resistive Index with HDL-Cholesterol in type2 Diabetic patients., INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HERBAL MEDICINE AND NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, Oct 13-13, 2014, Department of Zoology, Annamalai university, pp. 78-79. Annamalai nagar, Dept Zoology.
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