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List of Publications - National
Dr.S.Jeyachitra, Dr.J.Santhi, R.Kavitha, "A study of use pattern of Information sources by PG students of Dental college, Annamalai University.", Journal of library Advancements, Volume 3, Number 2, Dec 2013, pp. 30-32. 2013.
Dr.T.Kavitha and Mrs. R.Kavitha, "Impact of e-resources in academic libraries.", Journal of library Advancements, Volume 3, Number 1, Jun 2013, pp. 5-8. 2013.
List of Publications - International
Kavitha, R. and Kavitha, T., "Study of Trend analysis on Research output in International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance(IJHCQA).", International Journalof Action Research and Engineering to eradicate poverty-IJAREEP, Volume 4, Number 5, May 2013, pp. 297-301. 2013.
R.Kavitha and R.Ponnudurai, "Health Science Literature in SCOPUS database: a bibliometric analysis in India.", Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science(JALIS), Volume 2, Number 3, Jul 2013, pp. 166-172. 2013.
R.Kavitha and R.Ponnudurai, "Growth of Indian Health Science publications: a bibliographic analysis based on Scopus database.", International Journal of Library and Information Studies: An online Journal, Volume 3, Number 4, Oct 2013, pp. 57-67. 2013.
Kavitha, T, Danavandan, S and Kavitha, R, "Bibliometric study on Pediatric Blood cancer.", International Journal of Library and Information Studies, Volume 3, Number 3, Sep 2013, pp. 20-26. 2013.
Kavitha, T and Kavitha, R, "A study on job satisfaction on the information technology resources of medical faculty members in Puducherry..", International Journal of Action Research Engineering to Eradicate Poverty IJAREEP, Volume 3, Number 7, Dec 2012, pp. 201-206. 2012.
List of Conferences - National
Kavitha, R and Anandhi, C., Publication efficiency on Health Science of Indian Institutions: a scientometric study, Application of quantative indicators for effective information management in academic libraries, Mar 28-29, 2014, DLIS, Annamalai University, pp. 314-317. DLIS, Annamalai University, DLIS, Annamalai university.
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R.Kavitha, Librarians in the digital age: some tips to improve productivity, Strategic information Management in the digital Era., Mar 26-27, 2009, Annamalai university, pp. 566-569. DLIS, DLIS, A.U..