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Staff Id : 10267
Name : Dr. G. MOHAN
Designation : READER
Qualification : M.D.S.
Date of Birth : 30-05-1969
Date of Joining : 03-08-2004
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Ph.D. 00

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List of Publications - National
R Krishnakumar, Swarna Swathi Silla, Sugumaran K Durai, Mohan Govindarajan, Syed Shaheed Ahamed, Logeshwari Mathivanan, "Comparative evaluation of audio and audio - tactile methods to improve oral hygiene status of visually impaired school children.", CHRISMED journal of health and research, Volume 3, Number 1, Dec 2015, pp. 55-59. 10.4103/2348-3334.172403.
Ramalingam K, Kaliyanamurthy SD, Govindarajan M, Swathi S, "Seckel syndrome: A report of case .", Journal of Indian society of pedodontics and preventive dentistry, Volume 3, Number 30, Mar 2013, pp. 258-261. 2013.
APR, Reddy NV, krishnakumar, Sugumaran, Mohan, s.Sayed Ahamed , "Prevalence of early loss of primary teeth in 5-10 year old school children in Chidambaram town.", Contemp Clin Dent , Volume 3, Number 1, Apr 2012, pp. 27-30. 2012.
APR, Reddy NV, krishnakumar, Sugumaran, Mohan, R. Vijayaragavan , "Assessment and comparison of microleakage of a fluoride-releasing sealant after acid etching and Er: YAG laser treatment -An invitro study.", Contemp Clin Dent , Volume 3, Number 1, Mar 2012, pp. 64-68. 2012.
Ahamed SS, Reddy VN, Krishnakumar R, Mohan MG, Sugumaran DK, Rao AP., "Prevalence of early loss of primary teeth in 5-10 year old school children in Chidambaram town.", Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, Volume 3, Number 1, Jan 2012, pp. 27-30. 10.4103/0976-237X.94542.
Mohan.G, Venugopal reddy, kishnakumar, sukumar,Apr,Anand prabhu, "Prevalence of traumatic dental injuries to the anterior teeth among three to thirteen-year-old school children of Tamilnadu.", Contemp Clin Dent, Volume 3, Number 2, Apr 2012, pp. 164-167. 2012.
Mohan.G, D.k sugumaran, APR, Thayumananvan, prabhurajan, Ananthi .C, "A Study on Dental Students Knowledge, Attitude And Behaviour In Relation To Oral Health.", JIDAT, Volume 4, Number 13, Apr 2012, pp. 36-40. 2012.
venugopal reddy,arun prasad rao, mohan.g, raja rajesh kumar, "Probiotic lacto bacilli and Oral health.", Annals and Essences of Dentistry , Volume 3, Number 2, Apr 2011, pp. 100-103. 2011/apr-jun.
Venugopal reddy,Arun prasad rao, Mohan.g, Sarasakavitha, "1. Endodontic treatment in primary molars with Taurodontism..", Annals and Essences of DentistrY, Volume 3, Number 2, Apr 2010, pp. 52-55. 2010.
APR, Reddy NV, krishnakumar, Sugumaran, Mohan,Senthil eagappan , "2. Primary double tooth with partial anodontia of permanent dentition: a case report.", Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry , Volume 2, Number 2, Apr 2010, pp. 99-101. 2010.
List of Publications - International
Prabhu A, Rao AP, Reddy V, Sugumaran K, Mohan G, Ahamed S, "Needle safety awareness among dental nurses.", Workplace Health and Safety, Volume 62, Number 6, Jun 2014, pp. 243-248. 10.3928/21650799-20140514-06.
Prabhu Anand, Arun Prasad Rao, Mohan Govindarajan, Venugopal Reddy, Ramalingam Krishnakumar, Sugumaran Kaliyamoorthy, "Attributes of dental trauma in a school population with active sports involvement.", Asian journal of sports medicine, Volume 4, Number 3, Sep 2013, pp. 190-194. 2013.
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DCI - 3348
indian society of pedodontic and preventive dentistry - 362
Indian dental assosiation - 74861