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Staff Id : 09879
Name : Dr. S. BABU
Qualification : M.Sc(Agri),Ph.D.,
Specialization : Soil Fertility and weed Management
Date of Birth : 11-06-1974
Date of Joining : 02-04-2004
Present Address Contact Number E-Mail Address
Dept. of Agronomy
Faculty of Agriculture
Annamalai University
Research Guidance
Discipline Awarded Guidance
M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 66
Ph.D. 11

Conference /Seminar / Symposia / Workshop
Conference Seminar Symposia Workshop
National International
Attended 7104-3
Conducted 5-1--

Research Projects
Major Projects Minor Projects Total Amount (Rs.)
Completed 3-32.39 lakhs
Ongoing 1-9 lakhs
Teaching and Research Experience Industry Experience
14 Years2 Years
Journals Conference Books Published Popular Article
National International National International
- 16 1 1 - -

List of Publications - International
S.Babu, "Interaction Effects of Conservation Tillage and Weed Management on Maize Performance.", Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Agriculture,Environment and Biological Sciences(ICAEBS-16),Pattaya,Thailand 28th-29th April,2016 , Volume 1, Number ISBN (978-93-84468), Apr 2016, pp. 51-54. 2016.
S.Babu, "studied on the effects of weed management through new generation herbicides on the growth and yield of maize .", Indo-Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research(IAJMR), Volume 2, Number 6, Dec 2016, pp. 944-949. 2016.
S.Babu, "Studies on the effect of Humic acid and Micro-nutrient on the growth and yield of Blackgram.", Life Science Archives(LSA), Volume 2, Number 6, Dec 2016, pp. 876-881. 2016.
S.Babu, "Studies on the effect of soil and foliar application of NPK fertilizers on the performance of hybrid maize (Zea mays L.).", Life Science Archives(LSA), Volume 2, Number 6, Dec 2016, pp. 882-888. 2016.
S.Babu, "Productivity Enhancement of Greed gram through Soil and Foliar Application of Nutrients.", Indo-Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research(IAJMR), Volume 1, Number 5, Jan 2015, pp. 443-448. 2015.
S.Babu, "Studies on the Nursery Nutrient Management on Growth and Yield of Rice cv.Co 43 and ADT 36.", Indo-Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research(IAJMR), Volume 1, Number 5, Dec 2015, pp. 449-453. 2015.
A.Karthikeyan and S.Babu, "Studies on the impact of different sources of planting materials in SSI nursery production practice.", Proceedings of improved techniques for sustainable sugarcane production, Volume 1, Number ISBN(9789381993897), Feb 2015, pp. 50-52. 2015.
S.Babu, "Effect of weed and Nutrient Management on Productivity Enhancement of Hybrid Maize( Zea mays L).", Life Science Archives(LSA), Volume 1, Number 5, Dec 2014, pp. 365-370. 2015.
A.Karthikeyan and S.Babu, "Effect of optimizing plant population for productivity enhancement of sugarcane and its ratoon under SSI method..", Plant Archieves, Volume 13, Number 2, Feb 2013, pp. 651-653. 2013.
A. Karthikeyan and S. Babu, "RING BUD -– A PROMISING PLANTING MATERIAL IN SSI NURSERY PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY.", International Journal on Agricultural Sciences , Volume . IV , Number 3-4, Apr 2013, pp. 81-84. 2013.
Madhavan,R,S.Babu and T.Selvin Jebaraj, "Gis based village resources and decision support system (vr-Dss) for farm level planning- good governance approach for development of agriculture.", Proceedings of good governance and sustainable development, Volume 1, Number ISBN978-93-81992-10-), Nov 2012, pp. 4-5. 2012.
Gnanavel,I and S.Babu, "Integrated Weed Management in Irrigated Cotton.", Agric.Sci.Digest, Volume 28, Number 2, Feb 2008, pp. 93-96. 2008.
R.Marimuthu,S.Babu and K.Vairavan, "Response of bio-organic fertilizers with mussoorie rockphosphate on the yield of greengram on red lateritic soils..", Legume Res.,, Volume 26, Number 1, Jan 2003, pp. 66-68. 2003.
R.Marimuthu,S.Babu and K.Vairavan, "Utility of different sources of vermicompost and its nutrient status on the growth and yield of groundnut cv.VRI2..", Legume Res.,, Volume 25, Number 4, Apr 2002, pp. 266-269. 2002.
P.Karuppaiah,L.R.Rajasekaran,S.Babu,R.Marimuthu and S.Rameshkumar, "Studies on in vitro propagation of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.).", Indian J.Agric.Res., Volume 36, Number 3, Mar 2002, pp. 225-226. 2002.
S.Babu,R.Marimuthu,V.Manivannan and S.Rameshkumar, "Effect of organic and inorganic manures on growth and yield of rice..", Agric.Sci.Digest., Volume 21, Number 4, Dec 2001, pp. 232-234. 2001.
List of Conferences - National
S.Babu,P.Stalin,G.Murugan and R.Madhavan, Studies on the effect of integrated plant nutrient supply system on the growth and yield of rice., National symposium on Integrated approaches for productivity enhancement in Agriculture(IAPEA)., Mar 13-14, 2008, Department of Agronomy,Faculty of Agriculture,Annamalai University., pp. 36-39. Annamalai University., Department of Agronomy.
List of Conferences - International
R.Marimuthu,P.Karuppaiah,S.Rameshkumar and S.Babu, Effect of clay mineral on growth and yield of soybean CV.CO1., International Symposium on clays in relation to environment and industry(ISCREI-2000)-, Nov 25-27, 2000, Annamalai University, pp. 274-280. Department of Geology,chidambaram, D.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
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