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Staff Id : 09805
Name : Dr. R. SURESH
Qualification : M.Pharm.,Ph.D.
Date of Birth : 29-06-1976
Date of Joining : 01-07-2004
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E-131,787,6th Street,3rd Cross,
Kamaraj Nagar,
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 18-
Ph.D. 27

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Conducted 7-1-7

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List of Publications - National
R.Suresh,P.K.Manna,K.Valliappan, "Warfarin Enantiomer Analysis-Using LC-MS comapatible chiral HPLC metho.", CUTTING EDGE, Volume 7, Number 8, Dec 2017, pp. 18-25. 2017.
Kitimaya mishra, Dr.K.Balamurugan, Dr.R.Suresh, "A Review:an Approach towards the Analytical Method Development for Determination of Newer Drugs..", Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.2017:7(01)., Volume 7, Number 01, Jan 2017, pp. 7353-7360. 2017.
List of Publications - International
M.Rajavardhan reddy, Kirtimaya mishra, P.K.Manna, R.Suresh, "Chemometric assisted RP-HPLC method development of second generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors in bulk and Pharmaceutical formulations.", International Research Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 9, Number 1, Feb 2018, pp. 81-88. 10.7897/2230-8407.09112.
Beena K. P., Rajasekaran A, Manna P. K and Suresh R., "DESIGN, SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERISATION AND INVITRO ANTIOXIDANT EVALUATION OF SOME SUBSTITUTED DIHYDROPYRIMIDINONE DERIVATIVES.", World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 6, Number 5, Apr 2017, pp. 984-993. 10.20959/wjpr20175-8390.
Beena KP, Rajasekaran A, Manna PK and Suresh R, "Design, Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Substituted Dihydropyrimidinone Derivatives .", Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research,, Volume 9, Number 4, Jun 2017, pp. 277-284. 2017.
M. Rajavardhan Reddy and R. Suresh, "REVIEW ON ANALYTICAL METHOD DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION BY HPLC/LC-MS OF SELECTED ANTI-CANCER DRUGS .", World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences , Volume 6, Number 4, Mar 2017, pp. 470-481. 10.20959/wjpps20174-8876.
Parasuraman P and Suresh R, "Diverse aspect for discovering Anti-Alzheimers drug: A hypothesis.", International Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 7 , Number 4, Dec 2016, pp. 71-74. 2016.
Beena K.P, R.Suresh, A.Rajasekaranb, P. K. Manna, "DihydroPyrimidinones-A Versatile Scaffold with Diverse Biological Activity.", International journal of Pharmaceutical science and Research, Volume 8, Number 8, Aug 2016, pp. 741-746. 2016.
Suresh R, Beena KP, Rajasekaran A, Manna PK, "Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Some Substituted Dihydropyrimidinone Derivatives .", Der Pharma Chemica, Volume 2016, Number 23, Apr 2016, pp. 57-62. 2016.
M. Rajavardhan Reddy,Dr. R. Suresh, Dr.K. Kannan, "Genotoxic Impurity Profiling of Imatinib Mesylate. .", International Journal of Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 4, Number 2, Mar 2016, pp. 104-108. 2016.
Somnath D, Suresh R, Babu AKMSS, Aneela S., "n-vivo hepatoprotective activity of methanolic extracts of Sphaeranthus amaranthoides and Oldenlandia umbellate. .", Pharmacogn J. , Volume 9, Number 1, Nov 2016, pp. 198-101. 2016/10.5530/pj.2017.1.16.
Pavadai parasuraman, Ramalingam suresh., "Design an Insilico molecular prediction opf flavones –fused thiazole analogues as Acetyl cholinesterase and B-secretase inhibitor in the treatment of Alzheimers disease..", Int .J. Pharm. Tech Res.,, Volume Vol 7125-131 , Number Issue1, Jan 2015, pp. 125-131. 2015.
R. Sathiyasundar*, P. Venkatesan, M. Swamivelmanickam, R. Suresh, K. Valliappan and K. Kannan, "Multicriteria optimization of an liquid chromatographic method for the simultaneous separationand estimation of zaltoprofen and paracetamol in human plasma sample: Application of chemometric protocols .", Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2015, 7 (10):262-269, Volume 7 , Number 10, Jun 2015, pp. 262-269. 2015.
R. Sathiyasundar, K. Selvakumar, K. Valliappan, R. Suresh, P. Venkatesan, M. Swamivelmanickam, "Direct chiral separation and quantitative determination of S-Amlodipine by RP-HPLC-PDA method.", Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry. , Volume 3, Number 3, Mar 2015, pp. 174-180. 2015.
Pavadai Parasuraman, Ramalingam Suresh, Dhanaraj Premnath, "Balancing anti-amyloid and anti-cholinesterase capacity in a single chemical entity: Insilico drug design.", Int .J. Pharm. Pharm Sci,, Volume 06, Number 02, Mar 2014, pp. 571-574. 2014.
Pavadai parasuraman, Ramalingam suresh, Manathusamy Gopalakrishnan, "A single chemical entity to balance anti-amyloid and anti cholinesterase capacity :I n silico Drug Design.", Elsevier proceedings 2014, Volume 01, Number 01, Oct 2014, pp. 508-513. 2014.
R.Suresh, Dr.R.Manavalan Dr.K.Valliappan, "Developing and optimizing A Validated RP-HPLC Method for the analysis of Amlodipine and Ezetimibe with Atorvastatin in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Applying Response Surface Methodology..", Int .J. Pharm. Pharm Sci,, Volume 04, Number 03, Jun 2012, pp. 550-558. 2012.
R.Suresh, Dr.R.Manavalan Dr.K.Valliappan, "Chemometrics Assisted RP- HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Levocetirizine, Ambroxol and Montelukast in Pharmaceutical Formulation..", Int J Pharma and Chem Sci, Volume 01, Number 03, Aug 2012, pp. 856-871. 2012.
Ramalingam Suresh, Rajappan Manavalan and Kannappan Valliappan , "HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of Levocetirizine,Ambroxol and Montelukast in human Plasma employing response Surface Methodology. .", Int. J. Drug Dev. & Res, Volume 04, Number 03, Sep 2012, pp. 1-13. 2012.
R.Suresh, Sreev.Janardhanan Dr.R.Manavalan , "Aspects of Validation in HPLC method development for Pharmaceutical analysis:Comparison of validation requirements by FDA, USP and ICH..", Int .J. Pharma Sci., and Research, Volume 01, Number 12, Nov 2010, pp. 123-132. 2010.
List of Conferences - National
R.Suresh , R.Sathyasundar, Dr.K.Valliappan, A Novel LC-MS compatible chiral HPLC method for the material and Pharmaceutical Formulation : Application of chemometric protocol , 18th APTI National convention, Oct 25-27, 2013, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, pp. 250-251. Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, 18th APTI National convention.
R.Suresh, Dr.R.Manavalan, Dr.K.Valliappan, Peptides and Drug discovery, National Seminar on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology , Mar 21-22, 2007, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, pp. 54-55. Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Department of Zoology,.
R.Suresh, Dr.R.Manavalan, Dr.K.Valliappan, Chirality and Drug action, 11th APTI National convention, Sep 1-3, 2006, Bangalore, pp. 91-92. Bangalore, APTI.
List of Conferences - International
Ramya.k,Kurdekar V, Kumar HY, Vishwanath BA, Suresh.R, et al.,, Computational guided Designing of Novel Renin Inhibitors, International Conference on Challenges in Drug Discovery and Delivery, Mar 2-4, 2017, BITS-PILANI,Rajasthan., pp. 24-27. Rajasthan., Birla Institute of Technology,Pilani..
R.Suresh, Dr.R.Manavalan, Dr.K.Valliappan, Hplc Method For The Simultaneous Determination Of Amlodipine And Ezetimibe In Combination With Atorvastatin In Pharmaceutical Formulation With The Aid Of Statistical Design, International Conference On Perspectives In Chemometrics 2011, Apr 9-11, 2011, SRM University, kattangulathur, Chennai, pp. 128-129. kattangulathur, Chennai, SRM University, kattangulathur, Chennai.
R.Suresh, Dr.R.Manavalan, Dr.K.Valliappan, A RP-HPLC Method For The Simultaneous Determination Of Ezetimibe and Atorvastatin In Pharmaceutical Formulation , 20th International Symposium on pharmaceutical and Biomedical analysis , Mar 1-4, 2009, Agra, pp. 112-113. Agra, Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.
List of Book Published
Dr.P.K.Karar, Dr.A.Kottaimkuthu, & Dr.R.Suresh, BIOCHEMISTRY AND CLINICAL PATHOLOGY, 32 Rajendra Gardens, Mariyappa Nagar,Chidambaram-608002: AARTHI, 961-5-25-148429-3,, pp. 1-175. Mar 2005.
List of Popular Article
Dr.R.Suresh,Dr.P.K.Manna,Dr.K.Valliappan, Cutting Edge, Chennai: Spinco Biotech, volume7 issue8, pp. 18-25. Dec 2017, www.cuttingedge-spincotech.com.
R.suresh, K.Valliappan, Cutting Edge, CuttingEdge Editorial Team, Spinco Biotech Pvt Ltd, Spinco Towers, 83 & 84, Perungudi Industrial Estate, Chennai 600 096 Tel: 91 44 4567 8970 Mob: 91 93677 91675: Spincotech Pvt.,Ltd.,Chennai, 98753245-communicated, pp. Nov 2017, https://www.spincotech.com/ebook/october2017/html5forpc.html?page=communicated.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
Indian Patent filed and Published - The Patent Office Journal No. 06/2018 Dated 09/02/2018 5155 Application Number: 201741032775
GRE-2000 - 1480/2000
Indian Patent Filed - Synthesis of new Anti TB drug Molecule - Application Number: 201741032775
TOEFL(2000) - SCORE-247/260.ESSAY WRITING 4.5/5 Scale
GATE-98 Pharmacy (IIT-New Delhi) Ministry Of HRD,India - Scored 92.81. All india Rank 169
Indian Pharmacy Graduates -Tamilnadu branch - TN/LM-419
Tamil Nadu State Pharmacy Council - 3251-A1