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Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Date of Birth : 22-06-1970
Date of Joining : 18-11-2002
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 45-
Ph.D. 54

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List of Publications - National
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Evaluation of primary healthcare services in Nagapattinam district.", Journal of Business Management, Volume 4, Number 0975-185, Jan 2012, pp. 33-50. 2012.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Trade in Environmental Services : A Critical Overview(Co-Authored).", Indian Journal Of Environment and Ecoplanning, Volume 8, Number 09272-1215, Mar 2004, pp. 809-816. 2004.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Problems of Aged in Urban Slums (Co-Authored).", Journal of The Annamalai University Humanities, Volume 41, Number 0517-872X, Mar 2004, pp. 183-191. 2004.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Entrepreneurial Development in India During Post Liberation Period (Co-Authored).", A Journal of The HRC, Volume 13, Number 4, Jul 2004, pp. 143-147. 2004.
List of Publications - International
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Health Status and Health Care Behaviour of Tribals- A study with Reference to Malayali Tribes in Nilgris Hills (Co-Authored).", International Journal for Research and Development, Volume 3, Number 6, Mar 2016, pp. 76-79. 2016.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Status of Trials Education In Nilgris and Coimbatore Districts (Co-Authored).", International Journal for Research and Development, Volume 4, Number 2, Jul 2016, pp. 30-32. 2016.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Assessing Health Status of Tribals on The Basis of Health Indicators (Co-Authored) .", International Journal for Research and Development, Volume 3, Number 6, Mar 2016, pp. 86-89. 2016.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Role of NGO's in Health Status of Tribals (co-Authored).", International Journal for Research and Development, Volume 4, Number 2, Jul 2016, pp. 41-43. 2016.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Role of Community Health Workers in Health Awareness Generation in Nagapattinam District (Co-Authored).", Indian Journal of Development Research and Social Action, Volume 11, Number 0973-3116, Jan 2015, pp. 173-184. 2015.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "A Study on Duties and responsibilities of Village Health workers In Nagapattinam District(Co-Authored).", International Journal of Rural Development and Management Studies, Volume 9, Number 0975-0614, Jan 2015, pp. 153-163. 2015.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Adjustment Pattern Among Housewives in Trichy District (Co-Authored) .", Intrnational Research Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, Volume 4, Number 6, Oct 2015, pp. 130-140. 2015.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Role of NGO's Emerging Trends and Significant an Analysis (Co-Authored).", International Global Journal of Research Analysis, Volume 4, Number 2, Feb 2015, pp. 96-99. 2015.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Impact of Self Help Groups on Women Development in Salem District (Co-Authored).", International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, Volume 2, Number II, Nov 2013, pp. 45-53. 2013.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Impact of Self Help Groups on Empowerment of Women With Reference to Salem District, Tamilnadu (Co-Authored).", The International Journal's, Research Journal of Social Science & Management , Volume 3, Number 7, Nov 2013, pp. 105-112. 2013.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, "Access to Primary Healthcare in Primary Health centres in Nagapattinam District.", Journal of Asian Business Management, Volume 4, Number 1, Jun 2012, pp. 175-182. 2012.
List of Conferences - International
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, Mitigation of Women Conflict : Issues and challenges With Reference To Nagai District (Co-Authored), Education a Panacea for The Human Conflict Management, Feb 24-25, 2012, Annamalai University, pp. 666-668. Chidambaram, Department of Education.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, Globalization and Social Issues, Post-Globalization and the Emerging World Order, Apr 25-27, 2010, Annamalai University, pp. 350-351. Chidambaram, Department Of Philosophy.
List of Book Published
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, Environmental Sociology, New Delhi-110002: Sarup & Sons publications, 81-7625-620-X, pp. 1-256. Apr 2006, sarupandsonsin@hotmail.com.
P.K.MUTHU KUMAR, Agricultural Technology and Sustainable Rural Development, Madurai-625003: Shanlax Publications, 978-93-86537-00-3, pp. 1-192. Mar 2016, www.shanlaxpublications.com.
List of Awards /Honours / Memberships
HONORARY FELLOWSHIP in Society of Environmental Sciences - 12804
Member Editoral Board, M.A SOCIOLOGY, MSW - DDE Study Material - 07
Member of the Organizing committee of the International Conference on World Tamil Scholars - 026
Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi- Life Member - LMI-2547