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Motivational Lectures Organised for Staff, Students and General Public
Anger Management, Speech making,
Assertiveness, Self Esteem,
Change Management, Seven Spiritual Laws of our Life,
Communication Skills, Skill in Action,
Creativity, Stress management,
Crisis management, Time management,
Drug Awareness, Traveler,
Essential Skills for Students, Values for Health Professionals,
Essential Skills for Doctors, Yoga for Strength,
Essential Skills for Business People, Ultimate Fashion,
Handling Emotions, Yoga for Obesity,
Hell to Heaven, Yoga for Diabetes,
Leadership Management, Yoga for Hypertension,
Living Values, Yoga for Heart Diseases,
Mind, Yoga for Pregnancy,
Motivation of Youth, Yoga for Energy,
Women Empowerment, Yoga for Relaxation,
Power of Youth & Drug Awareness Yoga for Strength,
Power Within, Yoga for Back Pain, etc
Sanskar Re-Engineering


          A joint project conducted by the Centre for Yoga Studies, Annamalai University and K.J.Research Foundation, Chennai entitled “ASSESSMENT OF METABOLIC STATUS IN YOGA AND PHYSICAL EXERCISES : PILOT STUDY” was conducted on 26th and 27th July 2014 at Rajah Muthiah Medical College Hospital, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar.
Grant received Rs. 28,000/- from K.J. Research Foundation, Chennai

Principal Investigator      :  Dr. V. Suresh Ph.D.
Centre for Yoga Studies
Dr. K. Jagadeesan M.S., F.R.C.S.
Dr K. J. Hospital and Research Foundation, Chennai
Co-Investigator                :  Dr. V. Suseela Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Centre for Yoga Studies
Research Assistant           : Dr. K. Venkatachalapathy Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Centre for Yoga Studies

I am happy, that Annamalai University, Tamilnadu is conducting one day Conference on “Human Resource Development through Introspection and Meditation” on January 24th, 2004. I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to all those associated with the university and wish their endeavors all success.

Hon’ble. Dr. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM , Former President of India

The Prime Minister sends his best wishes for the success of all your future endeavors in the promotion of activities towards the welfare of mankind.

ARATI KACHROO Additional PS to Prime Minister

His Excellency, the Governor of Tamilnadu, Thiru P.S. Ram Mohan Rao is happy to note that the Centre for Yoga Studies, Annamalai University is conducting a one-day conference on “Human Resources Development through Introspection and Meditation”. His Excellency sends his greetings to the organizers and his good wishes for the success of the Conference.

Tmt. M.SHEELA PRIYA, I.A.S, Secretary to Governor

I am pleased to learn that the Centre for Yoga Studies, Annamalai University is doing commendable service to the youth by providing training in Yoga.

M. FATHIMA BEEVI Former Governor of Tamilnadu

Knowledge about spiritual aspect is as important as about the body. These are two domains that had attracted the interest of the intellectuals all through. I am extremely happy. Annamalai University is promoting the research of truth in both the domains. I am very much impressed by the dedication and approach in stabilizing this Centre.

A. GNANAM Former UGC - NAAC Member

Visited the Yoga Centre and found the faculty highly motivated the mission in which, it is started to render service for de-addiction, stress management and personality development are commendable as they help in building a healthy nation.

DR. B.I. SHAKUNTALA UGC - NAAC Committee Member

This Centre is unique with a university supporting such a Programme is commendable. Dr. Viswanathan’s enthusiasm is infectious and hope it spreads like an epidemic amongst students.


I am extremely grateful to Dr. S. Viswanathan, for allowing me to take a part in one of his classes. This is a unique Centre. The wonderful thing is that the Centre is creating a feeling of brotherhood amongst the population of the city. I Must Congratulate the Pro-Chancellor, Vice- chancellor, The Staff and faculty and Dr. S. Viswanathan for Creating such a wonderful Yoga Centre.

Dr. P. BHATTACHARYYA Vice-Chancellor, Tezpur University, Tezpur, NAAC member

A well-organized Centre. I suggest for making Annamalai University Audio-Video film on Yoga and also extend activities to prisons and mental asylum as well as old persons.

Prof. S. M. MUKHERJEE Jr. Secretary, UGC.

Visited the Yoga Centre. I found highly dedicated teachers who have done innovation in personality development and brought various yoga practices to attain peace and tranquility of mind. The university should take collaborative research project and make it mandatory to practice yoga for students, staff and patients

Dr. B.C. CHHAPARWAL Vice-Chancellor, Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya, Indore, M.P.

I am glad to have visited this place. Yoga is our traditional treasure. We should try to understand yoga and get benefited by it. We should also introduce yoga to other cultures in the proper way.

Dr. PON. KOTHANDARAMAN Former Vice-Chancellor, Madras University

It is our duty to protect the youth from the disturbed world. I hope that the mind control and yoga are essential. The service of the Centre of Yoga and Meditation Research must reach each and every school, college and University in future.

Dr. V.P. NARAYANAN Vice-Chancellor, Madras Medical College and Research Centre, Chennai

It was a delight to visit the yoga Centre of the university. It is an excellent idea. Such a facility is a major support for developing students as adoring human values while at the same time developing inner strength. I wish the Centre all the best and pray that we integrate the knowledge of science and technology in understanding and appreciating the yoga and meditation. With best wishes.

Prof. P.B. SHARMA Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyodiki Vishwa Vidyala, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal. Happy beyond measure
Dr. D.P. BAROOAH Vice-Chancellor, Gauhati University

It is an exhilarating experience to visit the Yoga Centre and witness the excellent work done here. One feels peaceful in this glorious place. There is every scope for this Centre to become an excellent Centre of Yoga in the University. Hearty congratulations.

YASODHA SHANMUGASUNDARI Former Vice-Chancellor Mother Theresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal

Dr. S. Viswanathan is a living example of practice of Yoga and Health in present scenario. His self-experience is so rich that his expression and presentation of Yoga and Meditation made the Annamalai audience spellbound.

Dr. (Mrs.) KANTHA Former Vice-Chancellor, RGUHS
I am really very proud to visit this important Centre of this Annamalai University and I must say that I am very must impressed by the activities of the Centre, which has taken up the Yoga Studies. Dr. S. AGASTHIYALINGAM Former Vice-Chancellor, Tamil University, Thanjavur
I am impressed by the Centre of yoga and meditation research organized and effectively implemented for the benefit of youth to make them realize the methods and means of determining mental peace, strength, and inner potential of the mind of body to enable them to become powerful humans who in transcend the day to day problems and achieve peace of mind and spiritual strength. My congratulations and good wisher to be organizer of this very useful Centre for mental change Dr. S. Viswanathan, Professor of O&G Annamalai University. The students and teachers of the university and those are included all contain benefit very much of this Centre, so thoughtfully organized and implemented. My best wishes to the Centre. Dr. T.C. MOHAN Former Vice-Chancellor, Annamalai University
During my office of the Vice-chancellor, I had opportunities to see his hard work and enthusiasm he taken the development of the Yoga Centre I am particularly happy that nearly 10,000 students have been trained yoga so far. He has actively involved in organizing extension activities and conducting national level Seminars and Workshops. Dr. P.V. VAIDYANATHAN Former Vice-Chancellor, Annamalai University I feel elated at this Meditation Centre which is adorned by the great Saints A. RATHINAVELU M.A., BL Prl. District Judge, Coimbatore I have today had the pleasant privilege of visiting the Centre for Yoga and Meditation Research, presided by Dr. S. Viswanathan within a short period of one year I am told that the Centre has made tremendous improvements. It is gratifying to meet thousands of students who have undergone training in this Centre, thanks to the dedicated service of Dr. S. Viswanathan and his team. I wish the Centre all well. Dr. AR. LAKSHMANAN Justice, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi I am really astonished to know about the Yoga Programmes at the Annamalai University Campus This Programme should be strengthened by developing new infrastructure an and adequate teachers. The Diploma course for Yoga teacher should also be taken care of. Good luck for future Programme. Dr. R.C. GOWTHAM Dean & Joint Director (ICAR), New Delhi To unfold the creative genius of the student is the ideal of education. Yoga and Meditation is the practical method to achieve. It is the simplest Natural and Effortless way. I felt very happy to see that under the inspiring leadership of Dr. S. Viswanathan, the Centre for Yoga Studies is providing this most precious knowledge and experience to all members of the Annamalai University. With all my best wishes MARKUS DIETL Maharishi Vedic University. 1-115-1, Madras Road 517644, Sri kalahasti Excellent Centre developed at Annamalai University. Highly innovative and is imparting knowledge in meditation (concentration), health improvement and value education. Good luck Prof. SIPRA GUHA-MUKHARJEE School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi - 110 067 A Centre of excellence in Yoga, I feel that I am fortunate to visit this Centre. A very dedicated work. Dr. T. S. SWAMINATHAN Director, Madras Medical College Chennai I am very happy to see this Centre for Yoga studies buzzing with activity. The renovated rooms give impression that gladdens my heart. I wish Dr. S. Viswanathan all the best and great success in his work in the field of Yoga. May divine bless his work Dr. MADHANMOHAN Director, Professor and Head, JIPMER, Pondicherry, MCI Inspector Very pleased to visit the impressive Yoga Centre of the Annamalai University. A good repository of Yoga literature & Yoga promotion materials. The integral Yoga approach transcending across religious is practiced here. The Centre is also doing commendable activities beneficial to the students, faculty and the non-teaching staffs. It is unique that the Centre is also organizing Yoga classes through the Distance Education mode. The UGC Centre is doing commendable work. Congratulations V.N. RAJASEKARAN PILLAI Vice-chairman, UGC New Delhi It is a unique model Yoga Centre. I am confident that this Centre will promote and become ‘Becan Light’ for many Universities. BK. MRUTHUNJAYA Vice-chairman Raja Yoga Educational and Research Centre Mount Abu I am highly impressed by my visit to my old university campus. It has been enormous expansion since the last 44 years when I was a student here. The yoga Education centre is idealistic and with proper planning and facilities. I command the total dedication of Dr. S. Viswanathan and able colleagues. I told the V.C. this yoga centre will Aim and the V.C. Enormous Credit and Glory. D.R. KARTHIKEYAN Former CBI Director, New Delhi Remarkable work this centre is doing. It has an ambitious programme to spread the yoga science to the entire world. I with them all success in their endeavor Dr. K. GUNASEKARAN Chairman, UGC, New Delhi Centre for Yoga Studies, Annamalai University is a great surprise for me. It is a source of light for the young students of this university. This centre will differentiate light to each and every student of this university. Let this light shine for and wide and forever. Prof. SUBHAS CHANDRA SAHA Former Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University & Assam University Today we visited center for yoga studies of Annamalai University. The director of Centre explained cardinal principles of yoga, it is improvement in human life and also other stalwarts of Tamilnadu who practiced yoga and taught yoga. After hearing his speech we felt that we must also practice yoga and commence it immediately. It is a wonderful experience. Thank the director for his sincere steps and dedication Justice A. KULASEKARAN High Court, Chennai I was very impressed by the centre for yoga studies. Yoga is great secure which must be spread all over the world for physical and mental health Justice MARKANDEY KATJU Supreme Court of India, New Delhi I am extremely delighted to visit this yoga centre my hearty congratulations to Dr. S. Viswanathan, who started this centre is great importance for the development of nation. The entire youth can be transformed effectively in character discipline and harmony in the society. I am very happy in visiting this centre. My best wishes Prof. Dr. D. VISWANATHAN Former Vice- Chancellor, Anna University Wonderful spiritual experience of visiting the yoga centre. The centre spreads the message of yoga at the global level through yoga education and research. Work for universal peace and harmony through yoga. It will emerge as a centre of excellence at the global level. My best wishes and prayers. Dr. W. SELVAMURTHY Chief Controller R & D, DRDO, Delhi A new, refreshing experience, learnt lot of things from the director. The important message I learnt is change yourself rather than others. I wish this excellent service continuous & prosperous. Dr. M. CHENNIAPPAN Cardiologist, Trichy Excellent Opportunity to get the feel of meditation and yoga. Every one of us are lucky to make the beginning, However Late we are! This can transform our life and attitude for the rest of our life. Dr. S. NAGESH Director & Professor, L.H.M.C, New Delhi Impressive and though promoting, my best wishes. Prof. P.K. Gupta IMS., BHU., Varanasi Amazing work! Keep it up! I am glad we are going back to our roots. Dr. GAYATHRI DEVI. S Dean, Academics, Sikkim Manipal University Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore I quite impressed one day I may learned peace for learning self REKHA M DOSHIT Chief Justice, High Court Patna Excellent Place with potential to flourish as a great place for spiritual learning. All the best. SHIV DAS MEENA I.A.S. Principal Secretary to Tamilnadu Government Administrator, Annamalai University .