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Emergency Medicine


Services in Emergency Room (ER ):
Our Emergency Room caters need of all emergencies in 24 hrs basis on all days

  1. Managing cardiac emergencies with thrombolysis facility
  2. Managing  respiratory emergencies Like respiratory failure, COPD & acute Asthma
  3. Managing hypertensive emergencies and Heart failure
  4. We are treating all types of poisoning consumed patients includes OPC, Rat killer and unusual other pesticides and herbicides poisoning.
  5. Antidotes and toxicology screening done here.
  6. Snake bites cases and Hanging victims managed effectively
  7. Trauma management includes poly trauma cases for all Road traffic accident victims.
  8. Trauma Team being formed with department of Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, OMFS and Pediatrics consultants along with their postgraduates.
  9. Other specialties will be called to attend trauma victims if needed
  10. Two Transport ventilators available exclusively in Emergency Room for immediate mechanical ventilation
  11. All essential monitors,  like Multi para monitors Pulse oximeter  and   defibrillators are available in ER

Services Observation ward:

  1. Observation ward with 20 beds to look after the patients till the patients are stabilized and shifted to respective department or referred to higher center if needed
  2. Trained staff nurses posted on shift basis taking care of all sick patients

Services Emergency ICU :

  1. Emergency ICU with 12 beds in accident emergency block being provided with oxygen and central suction facilities for all patients
  2. Cardiac monitors & pulse oximeter available for all patients
  3. One defibrillator is available in Emergency Room

Services Medical ICU:

  1. Medical ICU is just close to ER in the first floor of A&E block.
  2. Medical ICU is having 8 beds (common) and one VIP bed.
  3. Six ventilators are functioning well and being used on all days.

All emergency investigation bio-chemical includes ABG Analysis, X-Rays, CT & MRI are available to all patients in Emergency Room, Observation ward, Medical ICU & Emergency ICU 24 hrs. on all days.
Post graduates posted on shift basis being supervised by our lectures and admitting unit lecturers / chiefs.  Overall management of ventilator cases and administrative part being done by Prof.& Head, Emergency Medicine.