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Academic Structures
         Curriculum is revised periodically by the curriculum committee based on the recommendations of the Nursing Councils (TNNMC & INC) and framed by Board of Studies in Nursing and forwarded to the Faculty of Medicine for approval. The College has following committees: College Council, Curriculum committee, Co-ordination committee, Disciplinary committee, Editorial committee, Mess committee, Sports committee and Library committee.The College has the following functional divisions such as Nursing Foundations, Medical Surgical Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, O.G. Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Community Health Nursing.
Infrastructure Facilities
         The College has spacious, well furnished, well equipped, well lighted and ventilated class rooms, adequate in number and area to conduct the UG programme (4 Lecture halls) & PG programme (6 Lecture halls). The college has well equipped laboratories such as Nursing Foundation Lab, Peadiatric Lab, Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing Lab, Community Health Nursing Lab, Nutrition Lab and Computer Lab. In addition Anatomy Lab, Physiology lab, Biochemistry lab, Microbiology Lab at Rajah Muthiah Medical College are used for students educations.

Lecture Hall

Nursing Foundations & Medical Surgical Nursing
         Nursing foundations is headed by a Ph.D qualified faculty. The Nursing foundations syllabus includes concepts of health, code of ethics, physiological & psychological needs of the patients, process of nursing in various clinical settings. Students get in-depth knowledge and skill in basic procedures like Vital signs checking physical examinations meeting hygienic needs, Nutritional needs, Elimination needs, and Therapeutic needs etc. The class room teaching is provided with advanced educational technology by experienced faculty. Students are practice these basic procedures in various areas like medical wards, surgical, orthopedic pre operative and post operative wards in Rajah Muthiah Medical College Hospital (RMMCH).
         Medical Surgical Nursing speciality is headed by a Ph.D. qualified faculty. The curriculum structured for Medical Surgical Nursing enables the students to gain knowledge, skill and desirable attitudes in providing nursing care to adult patients with various illness. The subject is focused in II, III & IV year. The teaching learning experiences for Theory and Practical are rendered with well qualified teaching faculty integrating advanced educational technologies. The students get wider clinical experience and skill as they care adults in various wards like General Medical wards, General Surgical wards, ICU’s, Causality & Emergency wards, Operation Theatres etc., in the parent hospital - RMMCH.
Nursing Foundations & Medical Surgical Nursing Lab
         It has special feature like mini hospital in 2400 sq.ft. area. It has different types of cots, bed side lockers, various equipments and supplies. Mannequins for practicing the nursing procedures such as male, female, CPR, mannequins are available as per INC norms. Students are given hands on training in the lab before they practice in the actual clinical area.

Paediatric Nursing
         Paediatric Nursing speciality is headed by a Ph.D. qualified faculty and the subject is incorporated in the curriculum of III year B.Sc Nursing. Students get in depth knowledge in caring newborn and children in clinical areas under the guidance of experienced and qualified faculty. Students also get wider experience and skill as they care children in various areas like Paediatric Medical and Surgical Wards, Referral New Born Unit, Paediatric Operation Theatre, Paediatric Outpatient Department, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Immunization Clinic, Well Baby Clinic and Paediatric Emergency Casualty in the parent hospital-RMMCH. Hands on skill in caring newborns and children is given. Students regularly conduct exhibitions on Breast feeding, New born care, Prevention of communicable diseases and organize mass education programmes and pursue projects.
Peadiatric Nursing Lab
         Peadiatric Nursing Lab is occupying 700 sq.ft area in the first floor of the college. Mannequins, flash cards, models, play items for various age groups and all other equipments used for procedures are available in adequate numbers for student’s practice before their ward postings. Flash cards are available on various health topics for patients’ health education in hospital and community. Flex boards and roller boards on breast feeding, growth and development, immunity, weaning and diarrhoea, etc., are available for students learning purpose and for the extension activities.
Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing
         Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing speciality is headed by a Ph.D. qualified faculty and the subject is incorporated in the curriculum of III & IV year B.Sc Nursing. Students get indepth knowledge in caring mothers and newborns in clinical and community areas under the guidance of experienced and qualified faculty. Students also get wider experience and skill as they care mothers and newborns in various areas like Antenatal Ward, Labour Room, Postnatal Ward, Gynae Ward, Operation Theatre, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Obstetrics and Gynaecological Outpatient Department in the parent hospital, Infertility clinic and also in Maternity Health Centre, Rural and Urban Health Centres. Students are posted round the clock for few weeks to have hands on skill in caring mothers in labour and newborns. Students regularly conduct exhibition, organize mass education programmes and pursue projects on RCH concepts.
Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing Lab
         OG Lab is occupying 700 sq.ft area in the I floor of the college. Mannequins, fetal skulls, pelves and all other equipments are available for student’s practice before they actually care mothers and babies in clinical area. Ample number of charts and flash cards are available on RCH concepts which students use for learning and health education of the patients and public. Bony pelvis, fetal skull, delivery model etc. are available in adequate numbers for student’s practice.

Community Health Nursing
         Community Health Nursing speciality is headed by a Ph.D qualified faculty and the subject is incorporated in the curriculum of II & IV year B.Sc Nursing. Students begin their experience with community orientation programme in II year and get in-depth knowledge in caring adults and children in community under the guidance of experienced and qualified faculty. Five villages are adopted by the College of Nursing for regular health services to the needy people. Conduct Health camps, School health programme, Mass Education programme and Health Education programme. Do first Aid and referral services regularly.
Community Health Nursing Lab
         Community Health Nursing Lab is situated in the first floor of the college building (1200 sq.ft). It is well equipped with lot of AV Aids such as flash cards, flip charts, posters, models, puppets, flannel graphs for health education to the public. Adequate equipment necessary for home visit are available in the lab. Also an ideal setup is provided for the nursing students to prepare and to practice before going for home visit.Family folders and individual records are maintained for all the families in the visiting area adopted by the University to render Community Health Nursing services
Psychiatric Nursing
         Psychiatric Nursing speciality is headed by a Ph.D. qualified faculty and the subject is incorporated in the curriculum of III year B.Sc Nursing. Mental Health Nursing helps the students to acquire in depth knowledge and develop desirable skill and attitude to manage crisis situation, high risk individuals in the clinical settings as well as in the community under the guidance of experienced and qualified faculty.
Nutrition Lab
         Nutrition lab is situated in the first floor of the college building. The lab has preparation, cooking and discussion area. It is well equipped with adequate number of gas stoves, mixer, weighing balance, measuring cups, food and beverage preparation vessels, serving bowls and cups and also adequate number of equipments available for practical sessions for different batches of students. The chart and flex board on important topics such as the food rich in nutrients, Nutritious food preparation method, Foods to be included and avoided for common diseases, nutritional requirements for different age groups are displayed in the lab for students learning.

Computer Lab
         Computer lab is situated in the second floor of the college building. It has computers with internet connection. The computers are equipped with software needed for nursing students education and research purpose. The students and faculty have access to the internet facilities provided by the university. Broad band facilities available at Medical library. E-Journals are available on nursing subjects. The specialized computer programmer helps the students in utilizing the lab facilities.

Computer Lab

         The college of nursing has a separate library. In addition the students have access to the Central Medical Library, Main Library, Annamalai University.The college library is spacious (5800 sq.ft area) fully furnished, well lit and ventilated. The library has 5131 books and they are arranged subject wise in the reading and reference sections. Twenty five national journals and Seven international journals are purchased for updating the knowledge of the students and faculty. Latest edition books are purchased every year. Computers with wi-fi connection is available.

Library has an advisory committee. The committee members discuss about the budget allotment for books and journals. They also decide about the purchase of books National and International journals for different specialities. They formulate and revise the rules and regulations for students and staffs related to library. Adequate seating facilities are available (250 seating capacity) for students and staff. There is separate section for staff and students. Books are issued to the students and staff. Students also refer books and journals available at Central Medical Library RMMC library.
         A spacious (6000sq.ft) well equipped, well furnished, well ventilated RMCON auditorium in available for the conduction of National, International seminar, conference, workshops and students programme in addition to the University Auditoriums.

Equipments Available in the College
  • Mannequins - Male & Female
  • CPR Mannequin
  • Deliver Model
  • Pumping Heart Model
  • Human Tracheal Intubation
  • ELISA Stripe Reader
  • Centrifuge
  • Calorimeter
  • Bony Pelves
  • Foetal Skulls
  • R.O Plant
  • Riso CZ 180 copier
  • LCD projectors
  • Computer with Printers and Scanner
Accommodation facilities
         Nursing students are accommodated in the Thirumathi Sigappi Achi Nursing Students’ Hostel. Hostel is situated inside the campus in walking distance from the college. Rooms are very spacious with attached bath rooms. Indoor and outdoor games are available for students. Separate mess, 24 hours water supply and electricity are available. Solar water heater is also available.

Solar Heater

Placement Services Provided to Students
         The placement of both B.Sc (N) & M.Sc (N) graduates remains high inspite of the increase in the number of colleges in Tamil Nadu and nearby states especially Puducherry. Passed out B.Sc Nursing students in the year 2012, out of 91 students : Working - 53%, Higher studies - 3%, Not working - 13% and could not be contacted - 31%. In M.Sc (N) out of 33 students: Working in India- 58%; working in Abroad - 6% and Not working - 36%. Regarding salary they are getting rupees minimum 10,000 and maximum 40,000. The reason for the graduates not working is marriage and family reason for majority of them.

Alumni Details
         All the Graduates and Post Graduates students are members of Annamalai University Alumni Association.